Dr. Zoran Zikic - Ophthalmologist, oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon

Dr Zikic has been active in the field of oculopalstic and reconstructive surgery since 2002. He graduated from medical school and completed his residency and masters degree at the University in Novi Sad.

He continued his training in the field of oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery at university eye clinics in Europe, as part of educational grants from the leading ophthalmological and medical societies and foundations:


Dr Zoran Žikić
  • 2002. Rotterdam Eye Hospital and Erasmus University Hospital in Rotterdam, The Netherlands – SOE (European Society of Ophthalmology) grant.
  • 2004. University Hospital “Dypuytren” in Limoges, France – ICO/IFOS (International Council of Ophthalmology/International Federation of Ophthalmological Societies) grant.
  • 2007. University Hospital AKH in Vienna, Austria – AAF (American Austrian Foundation) grant.
  • 2007. University Hospital Norfolk and Norwich, UK – ORBIS UK
  • 2011. Villa Tiberia Hospital, Rome, Italy.
  • 2017. Queen Victoria Hospital, East Greenstead, UK.

Dr Zikic is a member of the following medical societies:

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