Ocni kapci

Eyelid diseases 

 Symptoms, causes, and treatment of eyelid disease.Learn more
Zapuseni suzni kanali

Blocked tear ducts

Symptoms, causes, and treatment of tear duct disease. 

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Bolesti ocne duplje

Orbital diseases

Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments of Orbital diseases.

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Operacija ocnih kapaka

Eyelid surgery

 Eyelid lift, eyelid tightening and correction.

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Operacija suznih kanala

Tear canal surgery

Operation of obstructed tear ducts in children and adults.

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Operacija ocne duplje

Eye socket surgery

Ophthalmic surgery and prosthetic services.

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Oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery is a sub-specialty of ophthalmic surgery, which deals with problems of the accessory organs of the eye: eyelids and the periorbital region, tear drainage ducts and the orbit.

Because of the intimate relationship of these structures with the eye itself, this surgery is performed by ophthalmologists who have passed specific training and possess knowledge and skills in both ocular and plastic surgery, and have the resources to monitor the condition of the eye before, during and after surgery.

Dr Zoran Zikic MD - ophthalmologist-ocular plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Dr Zoran Zikic is an ophthalmologist-ocular plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He has been practicing in this field since 2002. He completed his medical school and residency in ophthalmology in Novi Sad. He trained in the field of oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery at University hospitals in the Netherlands, France, Austra, UK an Italy.

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